Kochi is quite famous for its cultural diversity and natural beauty. This amazing place is also known as the Queen of Arabian sea. Here we present the best 8 places in Kochi which you must explore in your life.




Kumbalangi is a paradise for travellers. You can feel the harmony of a village in every corner of Kumbalangi. So people called this place a complete tourist village. The main attraction of Kumbalangi is a calm and flowing backwater, and it is the heaven of the fishing community. You can perceive their way of life and existence at Kumbalangi.




   Mattanchery Jew Street




Jew Street is one of those places in Kochi whose narrow roads, sharp turns and buildings on both the sides will leave you with a charm of crowd and confinement. Located between Mattanchery and Paradesi Synagogue, the street is home to many antique stores, art and craft stores, spice shops and many beautiful cafes to spend your leisure time in.





   Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary




Mangalavanam is an environmentally sensitive area, spreading across 2.72 hectares behind the Highcourt of Kerala. This region is more connected with nature and brings a peaceful mood to us. We slip into the lap of nature by visiting this place. The sound of birds makes this place more harmonious which will give you a feeling of meditation.





    Hill palace




Hill Palace is the living example of the incredible architectural design of the 19th century in Kerala. It is joined with 49 buildings and spread across 52 acres of the area. It was built in 1865, and now it is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. If you visit this museum, you feel you travelled over the generation in less time.




    Kerala Folklore Museum



Kerala Folklore museum gives a fabulous experience to every visitor. This ethnic beauty is designed with wood, stone, and clay tiles. It is a private museum which is built by George Thaliath. He contributed his valuable 25 years collecting things for this museum. Here George mixed Malabar and Travancore architectural patterns. We can see different collections of musical instruments, paintings, and art pieces at this museum.




   Puthuvypin beach/ Lighthouse




Puthuvypin would conquer your heart with its unusual grace. Mainly people are visiting there to celebrate a peaceful evening with their family and friends. It is situated 5 km west of High Court Junction. The place is enriched by natural beauty, so Vypin became a favourite place for photographers. Puthuvypin Lighthouse is a distinct attraction of Kochi. It was built in 1979, and now it is the tallest lighthouse in Kerala. We can see most of the areas in Kochi when we stand most top level of the lighthouse.





    Marine Drive


Marine Drive is one of the main attractive tourist places in Kochi. It is famous for its night views and beauty. The natives join and make their evenings special at this marvellous place. The walkway gets its identity from the immense possibilities of shopping. It is the centre of good food items. The people buy fast food and walk through the pathway in a chilling mood.








Paradesi synagogue also known as the Jewish synagogue or the Mattanchery synagogue is a sight to behold located at the end of the Jew Street. The synagogue is an extravagant showcase of architectural marvel and antiquities. The divine premises will leave you in a state of calmness and curiosity on how did they build this beautiful masterpiece?