Things and people are falling back together. The boundaries and borders have been opening up and the hope for a brighter tomorrow is peeping through the rays of today. The pandemic had left us in the void of our tiny homes way far from destinations, people, parties and events.

Dubai has opened up! The modern cosmopolitan city is on the list of every traveller. The breath-taking vistas, the architectural masterpieces, the futuristic cities, the lavish malls, the thrilling adventures, the historical artefacts, the fast cars and the slow safaris all are just a glimpse of the things that the city has in store for you. Now things have gotten a lot more tempting with the ongoing Expo 2021 Dubai, making it one of the best times to visit Dubai. (Can’t hide your excitement?? To learn more about how you can reach there – talk to our experts at the best tour operators in Kerala at Bliss Worldwide.)

The pandemic had delayed the larger than life event by a year. The expo started on 1st October 2021 and will continue till 31st March 2022. It is the very first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, conducted at the Dubai exhibition centre which covers an area of around 1,083 acres. The expo is extravagant with hundreds of pavilions that represent 192 countries, 60 live events every day, you can taste the global cuisine, feel and enjoy arts, culture and musical events. The theme of the year 2021 is connecting minds and creating the future with three sub-themes – sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Each of the key sub-themes exhibits a wide range of innovations/ideas for a connected, fast and sustainable future. Dubai is welcoming travellers from around the globe to experience this grand event. So what are the things that will leave you in amazement?

The three sub-themes is divided into three different pavilions. Terra – The sustainability pavilion, Alif - the mobility Pavilion and Mission possible – The opportunity pavilion. Each of the participating countries will have a pavilion and this year it has more than 190 and each one narrating a story of its own. There are organisation pavilions, partner pavilions and also other special pavilions The Indian Pavilion showcases the country in all its grandeur. The four floored pavilion showcases a brilliant mix of Ayurveda, Yoga, Space programmes, and the economy of the country. It also showcases India’s art, culture, literature, cinema and tasty cuisines. A visitor will be able to get a glimpse of the vast richness of culture and art that India has to offer for every traveller. The star-studded nights with various events makes the pavilion one of the finest ones. You can even give yourself a treat with all the delicious cuisines that India has to offer. The Singapore pavilion, The UAE pavilion, the African Union pavilion, The Netherland pavilion and the China pavilion are the top ones to look out for. Each one of them has that wow factor that will leave you curious at first and captive at the end.

Peep into the possibilities of tomorrow. Learn and feel the things that is going to shape the future. Dwell into the past and the rich culture of the world. Find instances that you share and the things that make you feel you are living in a world that has millions of tales to tell and things to experience. Find out the ways that help you to build a sustainable tomorrow. How our leaders and wise brains are trying to find new ways to create an ecosystem that does no harm to nature and its resources. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. Groove to the tunes that are fresh, new and contagious. Watch movies, shows and other live events that are an integral part of the countries around the globe.

Dubai is a marvellous getaway with stunning experiences in every corner for you. So jump out of your routines and plan a trip to Dubai with the International tour operator in Kerala that has experience and expertise in dealing with people and places. Make your trips grand with no pages unturned and a package that’s effective. So choose nothing less than the best tour operators in Kochi – Bliss worldwide! Let’s create memorable moments with us.