MICE is a common word that encapsulates many elements in it. MICE is a broad term in the dictionary of the hospitality and tourism industry. We are an event management company in Kochi that specialises in planning and conducting a full-fledged MICE.

So let’s get started on what MICE really is.

MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions is quite a familiar term in the hospitality and tourism industry but may sound an alien term to the ones outside it.

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions are mainly organised for business, political, cultural, social or academic purposes with the main aim to grow the business relations, brand awareness and visibility, nurture relationships and aim for greater growth. A typical MICE consists of participants, sponsors, planners, committee members, suppliers, vendors, venues and more.

Everything needs to be properly planned in order to make it a success. Experience and expertise in conducting these are also essential before you dive into choosing an event management company. Bliss Worldwide is one of the most reputed corporate event management companies in Kerala that has a team of in-house experts that helps you to plan and execute these without any tension. We take care of both your domestic and international Mice needs.

So what all comes under MICE?

  • Meetings

Meetings come in different categories. In simple terms, it can be a gathering of a group of people with a common agenda to discuss and land on a meaningful output. It can be directors only board meetings, general meetings, annual meetings and many more. Every element including the venue, seating arrangements, the sound systems if required, food and other requirements must be perfectly placed for making the meeting an effective one.

  • Incentives

Incentives refer to those bonuses provided to the employees or dealers in order to motivate or reward them for their performance. These focus on providing the people involved fun and happy times rather than any other business agenda. Tours to various travel destinations and resort retreats are some of the examples. Be it an exotic domestic destination or an International destination we have got it covered!

  • Conferences

Conferences are specific gatherings of professionals who are from the same field gathered to discuss a certain topic and land on a specific conclusion. Conferences differ from meetings on the basis of the number of participants. Conferences usually have hundreds of participants. Bliss Worldwide is one of the leading Conference event management companies in Kerala that gets you customised plans for every conference.

  • Exhibitions

Exhibitions require high amounts of planning to work out. These are conducted to showcase the products to their respective audiences by the organisers. These are usually organised on a large scale. Finance, insurance, fashion, beauty, automobile and pharmaceuticals are some of the industries that conduct large exhibitions!

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions require a lot of planning and effort of many. These are usually organised and opens up opportunities for networking, leisure and learning for the professionals involved. So assigning this to the right event company will get you the right and hassle-free experience. To conduct your events in a smooth manner and at the right prices, reach out to the best event management company in Kerala – Bliss Worldwide! We have our own production team who are well equipped with expertise and experience.