Sailing through the tides of adventure and discovering new destinations to cherish and celebrate and create memories by going on a cruise, should be there in every travel enthusiasts list. A cruise trip should be there on every traveller’s list as there is no other substitute for this experience. A cruise trip is loaded with more sights to see, more fun, more entertainment and amazing cuisine! A cruise holiday is a collection of all those leisure activities that fill your soul and rejuvenates your mind. It offers irresistible food, world-class entertainment, bars and lounges, casinos, a spa and even many options for water sports. The journey on a cruise is like packing all the essentials and traveling with multiple on board leisure options.

So now let’s look at the perks of a cruise holiday that you wish you had known earlier.

Cruise holidays are a bundle of luxury and value

If you need to experience luxury and value for every rupee spent by you we would definitely recommend you to take a cruise holiday. Cruise holidays include everything that you expect from a holiday including extravagant entertainment, food, people and other leisure activities. Experience luxury and travel in style. A traveller will be able to experience global cuisine on a cruise trip. Multi-cuisine options are available and you can choose from the Italian, Chinese, Indian continental cuisines or any other. Unlimited beverage packages are also available and you can choose from a wide collection of alcoholic beverages and mock tails.

Cruise trips are easy to plan

Cruise trips consists of all inclusive packages that covers your food and accommodation. Cruise packages include accommodation and transportation which makes the experience an easy one. Just look up and choose your ship, itinerary, cabin and off you go. There is no need to put extra effort into finding the hotels to stay that fits your pocket and other transportation for you. Everything comes as a planned and coordinated wholesome trip.

Transit time is fun

Unlike the other modes of travelling, cruise holidays are equipped with a lot of fun activities while you travel. The transit time is never boring and the traveller will be able to make use of this time to indulge himself in other activities based on his/her choice. Excited? Talk to the best tour operators in Kerala – Bliss Worldwide to find the best cruise packages for you.

Enjoy multiple destinations by only unpacking once!

While visiting multiple destinations there is this rush of packing and unpacking more than once. A cruise holiday lets you relax and enjoy multiple destinations without the hectic task of unpacking more than once. Shore excursions are an attractive part where you will be able to explore the destinations and cities nearby. The cruise ship acts as a floating hotel that will take you to new places with comfort and without rush. To know more about cruise booking in Kerala reach out to us.

Cruise lines are best for family holidays

Cruise lines are family-friendly and is a great opportunity to bond and do fun activities together. Make use of the fun amenities and enjoy the rides and other exciting games and places with your family. Some cruise ships also offer free sail or sail at a discounted rate for kids travelling with adults.

Cruises are romantic

Cruise trips are the best choice for enjoying a romantic getaway with your partner. The waves, winds, clouds, stars and the places are going to make you fall for your partner all over again. Enjoy candle night dinners, dancing in the evening and spent quality time with many on board activities. Cruise lines have many exclusive honeymoon packages to choose from. Call us to know more about the best cruise package that fits you.

Cruise ships can be an exciting place to meet new people

Cruise ships can be a great place to find new people and make friends. Cruise ships will be having multinational passengers and it’s an opportunity to travel with them and learn new things. So if you are a social person it will be definitely a fun voyage for you.

Cruise is apt for everyone

Cruise holidays are apt for individuals of all ages. Cruise is fun for kids, teens and even adults. These have many on-board and off-board activities to enjoy maximum. Elderly passengers can explore the casinos, the luxury shopping arcades, huge library sections etc. Child-friendly pools, gaming arcades can all be the go-to places for your kids in the ship. The parents can now chill out at the disco while their toddlers are being babysat.

A typical modern luxury cruise ships weigh around 2 lakh tons and can carry around 5500 people. Cruise holidays are highly customizable and provide a great opportunity to enjoy with your friends, family and even your colleagues from work. The experts at Bliss Worldwide are trained to handle all your cruise requirements be it the high seas, Mediterranean, Alaskan or a global cruise that take up months. From sorting out the best cruise package for you to finding the right destination and the cruise ship, we are just a call away. Plan something beautiful that will leave you in amazement. A good news for all the cruise enthusiasts now Cordelia cruises have started its operation from Mumbai that covers Kochi, Goa and Lakshadweep – Reach out to us to book your tickets.

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