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Taste the silent life of Varkala and the smooth experience of hospitality and nature with a sip of coffee or by the side of your loved one in Varkala. Varkala is a travel destination to explore with your friends, family or even your colleagues from your workplace. Dance, music, parties, get-togethers and spiritual drive-ins all blend in effortlessly here at Varkala.

Varkala located on the edges of Thiruvananthapuram and just 37 Km drive from Kollam district is turning out to be one of the favourite destinations for weekend getaways. Varkala has its long and calm beach, tall red laterite cliff, cosy resorts and tasty food restaurants and peaceful pilgrimages.

Varkala Beach is one of the best and calm beaches in Kerala. Offering clean and calm surroundings, the beach has a natural spring and is considered to have medicinal properties. It is often referred to as the Papanasam beach and a dip in it is considered as a holy one. Enjoy the warmness and also dip in the holy place.

The Varkala cliff is famous for its view along the coastal region, the balmy beach and the green vegetation up and around it. It’s a perfect travel destination for trying out the local food and drinks and the views of the cliff.

Varkala also has a holy side to visit and devote. The Janardhan Swami temple is a marvellous attraction for the devotees and also the cultural buffs who’s keen on exploring the architectural wonders. The place is flooded with devotees in March/April to celebrate the festival of Arattu.

Varkala has a list of resorts to dive into its comforts and several satisfying spas to rejuvenate. The place has a list of resorts and spas that’ll help you to forget the rest. Varkala is also home to many water sporting activities that include paragliding, parasailing, jet ski, banana boating and more.

Varkala is surely your weekend getaway destination. A place that will help you heal the scars of your fast-paced busy schedules. Proper planning can help you cover Varkala within two days in a budget that fits right on your packets. For effortless planning and for finding the best tour packages in Kochi do jump into @Blissworld