2020 had a list of unprecedented events. The world had closed down literally to make way for the pandemic. The pandemic has affected all spheres of our lives, from changing the way we move around to the way we used to do all our jobs – everything has undergone a huge change. The one thing that 2020 took away from us was the freedom of roaming around and mobility. Be it around our neighbourhood streets or to cross our state borders, restrictions were made everywhere so much that the international travels were closed. All international and domestic flights were cancelled due to the pandemic. People were confined to just the place that they live. Transportation throughout the country was also shut down without any notice which led to many consequences in the country. The rich had the privilege to reach their homes but the poor had no other means but to walk, several lost their lives while reaching their homes! We all have seen the heights of boredom in all of our houses. The people who were affected the most were the travel enthusiasts. With the COVID-19 celebrating its first anniversary of lockdown and restrictions, slowly things are getting back to normal. Major restrictions on travel and tourism are slowly taken off. We can now plan and travel to our favourite destinations within the country and International tours will take off soon (So let’s plan that Europe trip you always wanted to do and for the time being - Dubai and Maldives have opened for travel, check out the packages @Blissworldwide). Despite the loose in restrictions, there exist many safety precautions that need to be followed while travelling out (because safety is our priority and COVID-19 cases are still increasing)

So what are some of the things that we need to take care of while planning our trips at this time of the year..? Curious?? Let’s dig deeper.

  • The main thing to take into consideration is the rules and restrictions present in the destination you are travelling to. Details regarding the present scenario, COVID-19 cases - its spread and the restrictions that follow there are to be properly taken into consideration before visiting. For more information you can visit the Covid-19 Jagratha portal by the Government of Kerala that helps you to avail emergency services and information.
  • Be safe yourself, and ensure the safety of the ones that travel and stay with you. Apart from your travel bag carry along a small bag to keep your COVID-19 precaution essentials such as face masks, sanitizers, hand washes, tissues and other medicines that you are presently on.
  • Many destinations that you travel to, require a negative COVID-19 certificate be sure to get one if you need it. Ensure your safety and the ones around you. Limit yourself in contacts with the open surfaces such as walls, elevators and everything else!
  • Vaccines for the pandemic is presently available. Get your jab if possible and then travel. Even after taking the vaccine do follow COVID-19 protocols because the vaccine is just a precautionary measure.
  • Strictly follow the COVID-19 protocols and maintain social distance. Enjoy the places you visit responsibly.

The pandemic is not over yet, we have a lot more to go. So take care of these things before you pack your bags. Make arrangements for your travel and stay beforehand and do have a trusted travel partner with you for every travel you make! (Blissworldwide takes care of all your travel needs, effortlessly!)