Goa is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. It is famous for its warm beaches, loud energy, incredible vistas, colourful nightlife, friendly people, thrilling sports activities and the exciting experiences the state has to offer. Each day at Goa is unique and can gift the traveller something fresh to behold and hold close to his heart. Goa is a destination on every traveller's checklist. It starts from the random conversation in schools and colleges on where to go for the annual tour. (We all might have definitely had this conversation) It is a popular destination among youngsters and even the elderly. If you are on the lookout for the best tour operators in Kerala – Reach out to our travel experts at Bliss worldwide and get the best offers on Goa tour packages from Kerala.

Christmas is around the corner and why not celebrate it on one of the most vibrant destinations in the country? Goa is a spectacular location to celebrate Christmas in all its glory. The Santa, the reindeers, stars, lights and the people comes together to celebrate the festival in all of its grandeur. What does Goa have in store for every traveller this season?

Disco all night

Up for celebrations that go all night? Dance and groove to your favourite songs and celebrate this season like never before. Goa offers a wide range of parties during the season of festivities. The cafes, clubs and even the beaches offer a nightlife that is apt for the right kind of enjoyment for all.

A paradise for cake lovers!

Goa has a wide range of homemade cakes and sweets to offer to every traveller during the time of Christmas. These are special and will leave you in delight on every bite. These are prepared with special ingredients and are flavoured to match every taste bud. To experience the lip-smacking delights of Christmas – pack your bags and reach out to experts to find a Goa tour package that fits you.

Life-size cribs!

Cribs are an essential part of the Christmas festivity. Crib making is one of those traditions that are an integral part of the Goan Christmas. Here you can explore cribs of all sizes. Bless your eyes with a treat that will get you a closer insight into the birth of Jesus!

Sweet treats!

Christmas is also the season of sweets. The destination has a wide range of sweets to offer every traveller. The Nankhatai, Kormolas, Bolinhas, Dodol and the fruit cake are among the popular ones. Try the flavours of each one with your loved ones this season at Goa!

Extravagant fireworks

Fan of the fireworks that lights up the sky and air with excitement? Christmas is a season that fills Goa’s night sky with extravagant colours. There are special areas in Goa that conduct special fireworks for Christmas.

Fests, carnivals and shopping

Explore people and the different kinds of festivities, the culture and the vivid craftworks that the place has to offer you. Get a bite of the delicacies, blend in with the crowds and shop your heart out. Experience Christmas like never before and groove to the beats of Goa. Let the traveller in you find a home in the mesmerising tones and the colour of the season. Planning for a trip to Goa? Find a package that’s perfect for you. Check out our range of South India tour packages and start celebrating your travel!